Welcome to the Graduate College of Education Data Kitchen

Professional preparation programs are required to uphold exemplary standards in the admissions process, curriculum and candidate performance. Regular, ongoing program assessment is conducted internally in the Graduate College of Education (GCOE) to ensure the excellence, candidate outcomes and continuous improvement of each program for which the GCOE has developed a Data Kitchen architecture.

The Data Kitchen is a repository that is easy to navigate and that holds all the information available for the college, just as a kitchen holds all the ingredients for cooking great meals. It also facilitates program assessment, including models and tools for analyzing and interpreting data that support improvement cycles. The Data Kitchen does not have one chef; instead, many are invited into the kitchen to prepare what they want. It is a place for active engagement and creative inquiry where all participants are encouraged to use everything that is visible and familiar to them and where different systems or techniques will be unified as a result of collaboration. The GCOE Assessment and Accreditation office provides support for all kitchen activities.

Data Kitchen Resources